Professional Development in a Digital Age

To be the best version of you and to help you excel in your career, continuous learning will be an invaluable tool. The learning experience you will discover in the The REC Room will teach you about topics and changes in the field to help you improve your skills and building confidence addressing more challenging topics.

Continuous learning helps individuals to acquire critical thinking skills and aids in the discovery of new ways to relate to others from various background. As recreation professionals we engage with a variety of individuals and groups from a variety of backgrounds, and everyone deserves the equal chance to build healthier futures through recreation and have the chance at equal play.

Online learning helps to mitigate the barriers that in-person trainings can pose. Taken at your own time and at your own pace, online learning allows you to develop your skills in a way that is comfortable to you.

Some of the benefits of online learning with The REC Room include:

  • Allowing you to remain relevant in the recreation field by staying up to date on different ways of thinking or applying initiatives.
  • Allowing you to prepare for the unexpected. Our industry is constantly changing. Stay relevant in the field to ensure you are delivering the best programs and services to continue building healthier futures trough recreation.
  • Boosting your skill set and grow as a recreation professional. The recreation field is vast and students who complete these trainings will find themselves better equipped for a variety on recreation careers.
  • Boosting your confidence. Sometimes the recreation sector must deal with topics that may not always be comfortable to talk about. Ensure you can be a confident leader by understanding the fundamentals that will help you navigate in your organization.
  • Sparking new ideas or changing your perspective that may lead to new initiatives. Learning allows you to apply a different lens that can help you look at your programs and services at a different angle.
  • Become a stronger leader. Learning and feeling confident about your new skills translates into building other continuous learners by encouraging them to also explore the RNS Learning Hub.


Trainings in The REC Room and our resources accompany a variety of learning styles. Throughout the trainings and the resource files you will find videos, images, speakers, quizzes and check-ins, and activities.